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Take Perfect Pictures

Take Perfect Pictures with Your Phone This Summer

Written by Kyle Do Rosario

As technology has advanced, smartphones have become the most popular tool to capture the details of our lives and to express ourselves and our view of the world. While you can take good pictures with most smartphones, to take great photos, you need the best camera you can afford, which you’ll find built into the latest phones. Here we reveal our choice of the top three smartphones to capture all your wonderful summer moments, tips to take the best photos, and some of our favourite image editing apps to make sure each photo is picture perfect!

The Phones

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Buying the best devices is the first step to take to ensure that your snaps come out flawless every time. A phone that will guarantee this is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. To ensure the camera is top-notch, Samsung has upgraded its usual cameral offering. The new 12-megapixel camera contains RAM in the sensor to speed things up.

Although the sensor is the same 1.4-micron size as before, this phone has dual-pixel autofocus and optical image stabilisation which reduces blurriness. Why is this so great? Well, imagine taking a landscape picture. You will notice how much softer the images appear around the edges without being blurred so that all the focus is on.

The Apple iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X is another incredible phone with outstanding camera capabilities, and this model boasts many excellent new features, including a new, double-lens rear camera. Thanks to the front-facing True Depth features mean you can take brilliant selfies, with the background blurred to put the focus on the face.

This feature allows users to play with depth of field and take professional-looking photos with ease. Facial recognition software enables you to change, blur or even remove the background when you’re taking a portrait shot or a selfie.

Huawei P20 Plus

Huawei has become one of the most sought-after phone brands because of the high quality of the cameras. The brand has built a reputation on its continual advances in the quality of its phone camera, and the Huawei P20 Plus is an excellent example of this dedication to excellence. The P20 Plus has three rear cameras, a 40Mp main camera, an 8Mp telephoto with 3x zoom and a 20Mp monochrome camera! The camera automatically selects the best mode for what you want to shoot, and quality photos are guaranteed.

Better Smartphone Photos

3 Top Tips for Great Pics

1. Light

Avoid shooting in bright sunlight, which will create lots of harsh shadows on any subject. The best times to take pictures is in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is more muted, and there’s less glare.

2. Composition

One of the most useful guidelines for creating well balanced, dynamic images is called the Rule of Thirds. In your mind, divide your image with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines – creating nine blocks. Position the essential elements of the photo along these lines or where they intersect. This works for every subject, from portraits to landscapes. Many cameras have a setting to include these lines.

3. Angles

Take multiple pictures of the same subject from different angles for more exciting images. Get creative and see what works best. Lie on the ground, climb a tree, go behind, in front of or around a subject.

Editing Apps To Try


Third party editing apps make fine-tuning and perfecting your photos easy. One of the most popular apps is Google’s Snapseed, with which you can apply a number of filters to enhance your pictures.

Polarr Photo Editor is an excellent powerful editing app that offers many creative features, including text and shape tools to make your photos truly unique. This app is particularly small – just 14Mb – but don’t be fooled, it’s extremely powerful.

Have some fun with Prisma Photo Editor, which turns photos into colourful paintings, drawing and mosaics. There are numerous styles and filters to customise your summer pictures.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford the latest or the most expensive phone. Almost all smartphones have good cameras, and if you use these tips and experiment with editing apps, you’ll have loads of great photos to look back on the summer of 2019.

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